Slate purple SONAT 500 purple


Because of colour, structure and the possibility of achieving relatively big pieces, slate is being used in private residential areas as well as in larger installation projects (offices, schools, etc.). It is most widely used inside as flooring material but it also can be used as a wall element. Further applications would be counter tops, steps, window sills and wash tables. We stock the following sizes:



Standard sizes, edges sawn, 10mm in thickness, calibrated:

  • 300/600mm
  • 400/400mm

Skirtings, free lengths, edges sawn as well as one long edge honed and bevelled, 10mm in thickness.

  • 60mm high
  • 80mm high

Mosaic, glued on a net (net size 300/300mm), edges sawn, 10mm in thickness, calibrated

  • 48/48mm

Slabs for individual cut to size products (e.g. steps and risers, window sills, wash tables etc.) are also obtainable and can be offered in the following thicknesses.

  • 20mm
  • 30mm

Bordeaux, Burgundy, purple Slate, Greyhound purple

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