Natural stone as flooring material

A floor covering made of natural stone conjures timeless elegance in every home

Whether natural stone tiles or natural stone slabs, whether modern, rustic or a Mediterranean style of living, the diverse application and design possibilities of a natural stone covering set almost no limits to the imagination. This high-quality ecological material massively enhances every home. Additionally, a natural stone covering does not only look dignified, it also has an everlasting character, which creates an extravagant feeling of living.

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The secret of first-class floor coverings

The material of floor covering used, directly influences the quality of the living space. Here, natural stone stands for durability, dignified flair and expresses the individuality of a home. Easy to combine with any style of living, they exude cosy comfort in any home. Whether as tiles or slabs, with natural stone you can give your home an unmistakably personal ambience.

Use of natural stone

Natural stone in an interior creates a comfortable living feeling and represents long-lasting value. In its uniqueness and attractiveness, natural stone as a holistic design element is hard to beat and can be used as a tile, wall or floor covering. Due to its resistance to moisture, natural stone is also ideally suited as cladding for washbasins or bathtubs. Floor slabs, wall coverings and steps in bathrooms, living rooms, offices & kitchens as well as in outdoor areas can be easily combined to create a holistic appearance.

Properties of natural stone

Hardly any other floor covering has as many different advantages as a natural stone covering. It is anti-allergenic, easy to clean and therefore also recommended for allergy sufferers and immune-sensitive persons, not least because bacteria can hardly ever settle on the smooth surface of natural stone. Due to its open-pored structure, it easily withstands fluctuating temperatures and high humidity and is therefore the ideal floor covering for the bathroom. Natural stone is non-flammable, robust, weatherproof and abrasion-resistant. The surface feels pleasant to the touch and is very easy to maintain and clean. Natural stone floor coverings are ideal for combination with underfloor heating, as they conduct and store heat very well. Thanks to their resistance, natural stone floors are much more hard-wearing than conventional floor coverings, which contributes to a longer durability.

The advantages of natural stone at a glance

  • Aesthetic and timeless.
  • Healthy and tolerable.
  • Easy to clean and very hygienic.
  • Robust and durable.
  • Good heat conductor, anti-slip and often frost-resistant.
  • Versatile in use.

How can natural stone be processed?

How natural stone surfaces can be processed and designed depends on various factors, such as the type of stone, the material thickness and the mineral structure inside the stone. In any case, natural stone offers a wealth of colour and design possibilities that are found in hardly any other stone. The appearance of the natural stone does not allow conclusions to be drawn about specific possible uses, nor does its external appearance reveal the properties relevant to processing, such as moisture absorption and strength. In Germany there are numerous regional stone deposits whose extraction is economically profitable. One of the most important mining areas is Eichstätt, where first-class limestone such as Jura marble have been extracted for generations.

Solnhofen natural stone

The history of Solnhofen natural stone began millions of years ago in a subtropical sea. Over millions of years sedimentations were deposited there and formed layers of slate, which solidified over time and are today quarried as Solnhofener Naturstein or so-called Solnhofer Platte in the stone quarrying area between Kehlheim and Solnhofen (Bavaria). For centuries, the natural stone has been extracted exclusively by hand.

Solnhofen natural stone has an above-average density and a high degree of homogeneity, is light coloured and, in its quarry-rough form, is slip and tread-resistant. Its versatility, good environmental balance and first-class biological building properties, such as almost complete freedom from emissions and radiation, are further characteristics that distinguish the "Solnhofener", as it is known in short, from other natural stone. Due to its high load-bearing capacity and tread resistance as well as its hygienic properties, the Solnhofen slab is also virtually made for use as a floor covering in public areas with high visitor frequency. Due to the homogeneous structure and the high molecular density, Solnhofen natural stones are also ideally suited for combination with underfloor heating.

Care of natural stones

As resistant as natural stones are as a rule, you should nevertheless take a few tips on care. Acid-based cleaning agents are absolutely not recommended, as the acid in these cleaners can attack the surface of the natural stone and damage it. With a mild alkaline cleaning agent you are always on the safe side. Impregnation is often useful for natural stone surfaces, as it protects against dirt and makes cleaning easier. Inquire about special care products and professional cleaning instructions for your natural stone when you buy it.

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