Kitchen countertops made of natural stone

Whether in the morning for the first coffee or tea or the preparation of a tasty brunch or even a private culinary party - your kitchen should welcome you every day! Your natural stone kitchen top should be distinct. Noble, individual and robust as it shines under knife, pan and pot. 

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Natural stone with optimimal function

Your kitchen worktop can be compared to the heart of your kitchen. The worktop is used to cut, divide and stir. A steaming hot pan often finds its place here to cool down. You can hardly avoid splashes and overflowing bowls on a kitchen worktop. Natrual stone provides you with the essential conditions in which to work. The natural surface gives you the security of a natural robustness. No matter whether you choose light or earth-coloured limestone from the Jura, or you prefer Solnhofen natural stone or fancy instead a dark granite or slate, together with your furnishing and furniture style, you will refine your kitchen into an elegant cooking area.

Choose your desired surface from smooth to rough

You can choose a kitchen worktop made of natural stone in the look and feel that suits your taste and style. The range of surface textures extends from elegant and mirror-smooth shine to a near-natural, rough and rustic appearance. You can choose your favourite stone in eleven different finishes.

The following variants are elegant and smooth.

  • honed
  • flamed and brushed
  • honed
  • polished
  • plate blasted and brushed

The following surfaces are rough, rustic and natural in appearance which emphasize the individual character

  • brushed rough
  • brushed
  • sandblasted and brushed
  • spaltrau
  • split and brushed

Natural stones quarried from the depths of the earth provide you with your personal unique piece for your kitchen worktop. Individualised by the chosen surface texture, you create beauty in function.

The right stone brings the ideal colour to your worktop

There is no accounting for taste. Anthracite, beige, brown, yellow, grey, rosé, black and mixtures of these tell the story of the development of the millennia-old natural stone. Colours and shades are available with expressive grains and textures. Perhaps you prefer your kitchen worktop with a uni-coloured appearance, discreet in expression and evenly symmetrical. Natural stone gives you the look you want to see in your kitchen. Light shades of beige and yellow complement the country house character and Mediterranean cooking areas. Grey and black are perfect for modern kitchen architecture, for example, together with glass and steel. If it's the detail in the style that counts, match your cookware to your kitchen worktop. Natural stone makes the copper pan look just as chic as the bamboo or stainless steel bowl.

Formats follow function and aesthetic guidelines

Professional processing techniques help to bring out the optimum of grace and beauty from the raw material natural stone. Even the best equipment and machines are only as good as their operators. For your kitchen worktop, the natural stone needs to be optimally prepared. In order to showcase your choice in a unique and glamorous way, different cutting formats are available. Depending on the desired décor, structural specifications and desired design, we will cut to size sheets, format plates, rough slabs and individual shapes with millimetre precision. Material thickness as well as joint alignment or continuous dimension pieces contribute decisively to the overall appearance of the kitchen worktop. You have your wish - we have the means to implement your specific wishes.

Geological history

Your kitchen worktop is far too important to be a random product from any building materials or the kitchen trade. Natural stone bears witness to specific geological history of the earth and gives your kitchen the exceptional touch. Talking of grinding - natural stone is more than just any material. Your kitchen worktop can be individualised and turned into a timeless product.

Your advantages at a glance

Your individual natural stone prepared as a unique specimen

  • Perfect adjustment of shape and colour
  • Surfaces between naturally rough to mirror-smooth
  • Large modern machinery to fulfill every wish
  • Experience and knowledge for over forty years
  • Raw material procurement also in company-owned quarries

Adaptation to your kitchen

Each worktop is manufactured individually according to your plans. This makes each worktop unique and perfectly finished for your kitchen.

  • Freely selectable edge profile such as chamfered, rounded, quarter or half rod
  • different plate thicknesses from 20mm.
  • Milled draining surfaces next to the pool or draining grooves.
  • Holes for fittings such as soap dispensers and towel rails.
  • Sinks in undermount, top or flush variant made of stainless steel, Silgranit or ceramic.
  • Flush hobs or top mounted hobs.
  • Rear wall coverings or wall connecting profiles of the same material.

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